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Posted 25 December, 2018

This adorable young lady Busty Jean Michaels mesmerized her awed young lover by stripping down to her underwear so he could get a good look at her gorgeous tits and beautiful rear end. She then sat on the couch and spread her legs very wide, so he could get a good look at her snatch, before among his tongue up her hot wet snatch to make her cum. After making her cum again and again, he then jammed his huge dick inside of her, humping her sexy body until she was almost lifeless with pleasure. When it was time for him to cum, he pulled out and then stuck his dick inside of her slutty pink mouth, stopping only at the last minute to pull out and spray his jizz load all over her pretty tits of Jean Michaels on NF Busty. This regal woman has large lustrous pile of shining blonde hair, piled on the top of her head as if she was royalty. Her horny young lover unzipped her long silky white satin gown and let it fall to the ground. The sight of her perfect body and her skin that glowed with the bloom of youth astounded him. He helped her out of her pretty things while she left her lipstick prints all over his dick. Once his cock really hard he dragged her to the bed and fucked her hard while she was thrashed and moaned with passion. He then flipped her over and fucked her ass before blasting cum all over her rosy bum cheeks on NF Busty.

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