Mommys Girl – The Family Business Jenna Sativa, Mona Wales, Kali Roses

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Posted 1 January, 2019

Mona Wales is a successful businesswoman who
runs an escort agency. When she adopted Jenna Sativa, she trained her
as her protégé. Jenna learned everything from her adoptive stepmom from
keeping the books to the art of seduction. When it’s time to hire a new
recruit, Mona promotes Jenna for the job. She’s worked hard under her
mother’s guidance and it’s time to see if all that work has paid off.
Mona tells Jenna that the new girl will be here soon.

prepares to interview her. Armed in a sexy top and a pencil skirt, Jenna
looks incredible. She is ready to interview Kali Roses. Although she is
slightly nervous, Kali’s been looking forward to this opportunity for a
long time and has always wanted to work for a reputable escort agency.
Unfortunately, she’s gonna have to get through a series of questions
first. Jenna asks her to remove her top. But Kali’s confused; she
thought it was just a simple interview. But Jenna needs to make sure she
looks good naked before she hires her.

She also tests her pain
tolerance by slapping her tits and ass. Surprisingly, Kali’s a trooper
and Jenna is impressed. With a final consultation with the president of
the company, she could potentially have a new job. When Jenna reports
back to Mona, Mona asks her if their new recruit is willing to sleep
with men and woman. Jenna forgets to ask and Mona is annoyed. She gets
up to ask the new girl herself. When Kali admits that she wouldn’t mind
sleeping with a woman, she adds that she doesn’t have that much
experience in that field. Mona assures her they can train her now. Mona
immediately instructs the girls to kiss and undress each other. Shy at
first. Kali falls into the groove and obeys every command. It looks like
the new girl is gonna work out after all!

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Duration: 00:30:47