GirlsWay – Sex Dream Architect: Part One April ONeil, Eliza Jane

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Posted 25 January, 2018

When Eliza Jane gets the horrible news that
her fiance died in a car accident, her best friend April O’Neil is there
to console her. Eliza won’t stop crying so April tells her people tend
to get with someone else to make them feel better. Eliza is too
devastated to hear about other people yet. April cradles her in her
arms. They’ve been friends forever, April just wants to make her happy.
But Eliza feels like her world is literally crumbling.

reality, Eliza and April are dreaming on the sofa while sex dream
architect Kristen Scott is monitoring their brain waves. Kristen Scott
is the genius who created the virtual reality which the girls are
presently experiencing. Things are going fine, until Kristen’s partner
announces his arrival home too loudly. His voice seeps into Eliza’s
subconsciously and confuses her into believing Billy is still alive.

in the dream, Eliza is listening to a voicemail from Billy letting her
know he took out a life insurance policy in case of his death. He wants
her to move on with someone else and be happy. April kisses her and
promises her she’ll always be her best friend. She just wants to make
her feel better. Eliza lets her kiss her some more.

slowly gets Eliza undressed and dots her body with lingering kisses.
Relaxed and aroused now, Eliza admits that she always wanted to see her
best friend’s tits. April takes the lead in licking Eliza’s pussy. After
cumming in her mouth, Eliza lets April straddle her face. The big
titted brunette grinds her bush against Eliza’s tongue, then she
comforts Eliza by tribbing her pussy.

Meanwhile, back in their
actual reality, Kristen is making herself cum while she watches the
lesbians fuck through her VR lenses. Pleased with her work, she rouses
April from her slumber and asks if she got what she needed. She gives
her thirty seconds till Eliza wakes up. They arrange to meet later for
the payment.

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