GirlsWay – Lady Boss: The Research Assistant Angela White, Whitney Wright

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Posted 1 January, 2019

Whitney Wright is still at home getting
ready to go to work and her boss Angela White is already sending her
emails. When she realizes they’ve had a breakthrough with the trials for
the new pill, she calls Angela immediately. Angela has heard this song
before and is not impressed: she has bigger commitments to worry about.
Whitney insists that they should meet at the office and Angela
reluctantly complies. Once Whitney enters Angela’s office, she can
barely contain herself. She explains everything thoroughly and Angela
listens attentively.

When Whitney is done talking, Angela
explains that this will cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars and it
still needs approval. When Whitney keeps insisting, Angela suggests she
put her money where her mouth is and try the pill herself. When she
hesitates, Angela scoffs at her. Determined to get this pill on the
market, Whitney opens the bottle and swallows one. Whitney starts
feeling the effects of the pill and Angela is prepared to take full
advantage of the opportunity. She asks Whitney to come and sit on her
lap but Whitney hesitates, stating that it would be inappropriate.

insists and pulls her closer. Looking a little flush, she removes
Whitney’s shirt and notices her nipples are as hard as a rock and
wonders if this is a side effect of the medication. When Whitney tells
her that one of the side effects was promiscuity, Angela starts sucking
on her tits. Pleased with her body’s response, she undresses and fucks
her research assistant. Looks like the human trials were successful and
it’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

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Duration: 00:45:27