GirlsWay – A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters AJ Applegate, Georgia Jones, Katrina Jade

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Posted 25 January, 2018

Cinderella AJ Applegate lucked out when her
evil stepmother Jelena Jensen agreed to raise her after her father died.
Jelena became wickedly famous for her movie roles, but her two other
step daughters Georgia Jones and Katrina Jade are just plain wicked.

playing video games and spending their dead fathers’ money, the only
thing those mean girls care about is making AJ’s life miserable. They
love to slash AJ’s dreams of being an actress like their step mother.
They also love eating pussy.

When Jelena goes down for a nap,
the evil stepsisters gang up on AJ. If doormat AJ wants to earn her
place in the family, she had better do her chores. Katrina adds an item
to her list of obligations. She wants AJ to lick the cum right out of

Georgia tells Katrina to take AJ downstairs so their
mother doesn’t wake up and bust them, but Katrina convinces Georgia to
fuck AJ together. They can make it a contest of who cums more often, and
they can play video games at the same time.

When Katrina takes
off her bottoms, AJ dutifully eats her out. After Katrina cums, AJ
licks Georgia’s pussy, then goes back and forth between the lesbian step
sisters’ legs. Georgia tribs AJ’s pussy while she sucks the cum out of
Katrina, then AJ flips around to service Georgia while being tribbed by
Katrina. AJ performs every command with her hot, wet mouth on their

After giving them so many orgasms, the wicked step
sisters lighten up a bit on AJ. Georgia holds AJ’s hair back when she
makes Katrina cum. Then Katrina rims AJ’s asshole while AJ licks
Georgia. AJ’s sweet little pussy is throbbing on the edge of orgasm, but
they won’t let her cum unless she begs for it!

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