AllGirlMassage – The Actress Riley Nixon, Giselle Palmer

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Posted 25 January, 2018

Famous actress Riley Nixon books an
appointment with masseuse Giselle Palmer to get hands on experience for
her upcoming role. Giselle is thrilled to receive her famous client. The
diva celebrity strips out of her outfit. Giselle points out that her
high-quality lingerie will get ruined by the oil. Riley removes her bra
and panties and then she lies down naked on the table.

narrates what’s she’s doing to her neck and shoulder, and reminds her
to apply lots of oil to the skin. The masseuse chit chats with the
client to get her talking about her wild life. Riley admits it’s awesome
hanging out with other celebrities but she also likes her downtime. And
she makes it clear when Giselle asks, she’s not into hooking up with
girls. Riley relaxes into the massage, noting the slow and circular
motion of Giselle’s hands.

Giselle feels a lot of tension in
her hip flexors and as she massages it out, she gets awfully close to
her pussy. Riley reacts unfavorably to that, until Giselle convinces her
to use that move in her movie. She flips Riley over then straddles her
on the table to give her a breast massage. Riley is weirded out by it
and begins to suspect the room might be rigged with cameras.

obliges her nervous client by moving on her to thighs. To address
Riley’s tension, she massages the gap between her legs, more
specifically her clitoris. The lesbian masseuse calms Riley’s nerves
when she worries people can see them. Feeling a little too warm, Giselle
begins to undress. Then she licks Riley’s pussy until she makes her
cum. Riley takes a turn practicing being a masseuse on Giselle, and she
ends up sucking her clit in the process. Then they massage each other’s
pussies to orgasm in 69!

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Duration: 00:29:37